Curent PhD Students

  • Lingfeng Luo

    Joint with Jeremy Talyor, 2019 - present

    Research Topic: Stochastic gradient descent for modeling non-proportional hazards with large-scale survival data; block steepest descent for integrating data with group feature selection data

  • Qinmengge Li

    Joint with Alex Tsoi and Jiang Kang, 2020 - present

    Research Topic: Multi-view learning to assess drug response for psoriatic patients using multi-omics data

    the Student Paper Award from the Statistics in Genomics and Genetics (SGG) Section of the American Statistical Association

  • Xuemei Ding

    2019 - present

    Research Topic: A joint model on clustered recurrent events; CUSUM for provider profiling with recurrent events

    Award:: ASA Statistics in Epidemiology Section 2022 Student Paper Award

  • Di Wang

    2020 - present

    Research Topic: Kullback-Leibler-based relative risk models for integration of multiple data sources

    The Student Paper Award from the Health Policy Statistics Section (HPSS) of the American Statistical Association, Paper Competition from the 36th New England Statistics Symposium

  • Xiangeng Fang

    2022 - present

    Xiangeng has broad interests in developing statistical and computational methods with application in biomedical data. His current work mainly focuses on data integration, deep learning and survival analysis. Apart from studying, he enjoys doing sports, playing video games and watching movies.

  • Lingxuan Kong

    Joint with Lu Wang, 2022 - present

    Lingxuan’s research interests are developing dynamic treatment regimes for kidney transplantation using survival outcomes and standardization methods for evaluating medical center performances. In field s other than academic, he has motorcycle license and is good at cooking seafood.

  • Yubo Shao

    2022 - present

    Yu bo’s current research focuses on provider profiling, high - dimensional variable selection and survival analysis. In addition to research, he is also a big fan of soccer, a good photographer and a good cook.

  • Yuntian Wu

    2022 - present

    Yuntian works on developing computational analysis pipelines, statistical methods, and computational approaches to provide biological inferences from genetics and genomics data.

  • Ruiwen Zhou

    2023 - present

    Ruiwen is interested in applying statistical and computational methods to gain biological insights from varies biomedical data including microbiome and genetics data, as well as genome-wide association studies. In addition to his research work, he has a passion for classical music and enjoys playing the violin.

Curent Master Students

Longhao Pang

2023 - present

Research Topic: Longhao Pang has interest in developing new statistical methods in the survival analysis area. His current research is about quality control for healthcare centers. Besides, he is a fan of instrumental music and classical novels.

Current Postdoc

Nicholas Hartman Ph.D

2022 - present

Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan

Research Topic: Extending the concordance index to left-truncated time-to-event data

Awards:: ASA Risk Analysis Section 2021 Student Paper Award, 2022 APHS/Stata Scholar Award, Applied Public Health Statistics Section of the American Public Health Association

Student Paper Award, 2023 The Health Policy Statistics Section (HPSS) of the American Statistical Association

Past PhD Students

Wenbo Wu Ph.D

Graduated 2022

New York University (NYU) Grossman School of Medicine, New York, New York, USA

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Division of Biostatistics, Dept of Population Health Sep 2022 – present

Assistant Professor, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine